Retail Diesel Fuel Outlook

How will current changes in futures and spot market prices impact retail diesel prices in your trade territory during the upcoming week?  What are the short and long term trends in diesel prices within regions of the United States where your business operates?  How are refinery operations, stock levels and imports/exports driving regional retail diesel price differentials?  Do you know how current diesel fuel prices compare to historic price levels?  Answers to these questions will help you manage this very important cost component of your transport fleet.

Fundamental Petroleum Trends Reports now offers a weekly report on Retail Diesel Fuel designed to answer these questions for your business; previously available only to consulting clients. This report provides an accurate summary of retail price trends, price differentials between regional markets and supply fundamentals for each of the major U.S. marketing regions.

Each week the Retail Diesel Fuel Outlook includes:

  • Graphic presentation of wholesale diesel spot market price trends, which drive retail diesel prices.  Combined with our proprietary forecast models, we project week ahead average retail diesel prices for each major market region in the U.S.
  • An informed discussion of price trends, global oil markets and the U.S. supply and demand fundamentals.
  • All graphic presentations reflect current price levels, national and regional supply – demand fundamentals and provide a 5-year historic perspective.
  • Regional industry fundamentals significantly impact differences in retail diesel prices between regions of the country. Unusually low stock levels, low imports rates and extended refinery maintenance are all examples of fundamentals that drive sharp price movements. These events are identified, discussed and graphically presented in the weekly report.

The Retail Diesel Fuel Outlook is released every Tuesday morning, incorporating the latest Energy Information Administration Department of Energy retail diesel price survey results.   These survey results represent the standard for determining fuel surcharges across the transport industry.

Take a moment and review one of our past reports and see why the Retail Diesel Fuel Outlook from Fundamental Petroleum Trends should be in your email every Tuesday morning.

Value Added Services

Retail Diesel Fuel Flash Alert:

Global, national and regional events frequently drive retail diesel prices apart from basic petroleum supply – demand fundamentals.  Flash Alerts analyze the likely immediate impact of these events on U.S. and regional retail diesel fuel prices.  New Flash Alerts are published immediately whenever there are significant events with the potential to impact retail diesel fuel prices.  We expect to publish 15 to 20 Flash Alert reports annually.

Individual Firm Consulting Services:

If you would like to inquire about these services please check the consulting services box on the registration page. A member of our team will contact you to discuss how we can help you professionally manage your diesel fuel costs.

Partner Redistribution of Retail Diesel Fuel Outlook and Flash Alert:

Fundamental Petroleum Trends also partners with select clients who have a desire to deliver these reports to a target group of their customers.  Contact us now if you would like to discuss this unique re-distribution concept that can be done under your logo or ours.

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